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Located in the beautiful Buffalo National River area, Beckham Creek Cave Lodge is perfectly located in one of the most naturally beautiful area’s in the country. Below are some of our favorite destination’s in the area.

Float The Buffalo

The nation’s very first national river, The Buffalo River is a crown gem of the nation’s parks. From the pristine headwaters preserved by surrounding Park Service land, to the soaring bluff lines skirting the length of your float, the Buffalo does not disappoint. Great outfitters serve the length of the river and are all willing to help ensure you the very best experience.

Mountain Biking

While mountain biking is not allowed in the National Park, there are still some great opportunities to take to the trails on your bike. While these trails are not for the faint of heart, with proper preparation you are sure to be in for an incredible adventure. Noted to be rugged and for the more experienced rider, the upper Buffalo trails will ensure a wonderful ride for any adventurer.

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A Breathtaking Waterfall And A Stunning Hike

Not only does the Buffalo River excite and intrigue, the surrounding mountains provide a plethora of beautiful hideaways. Take the time to hike down any of the great trails lining the Buffalo River area and you will leave a changed person.

Elk Watching

With a local herd population nearing 800 animals, the majestic Rocky Mountain Elk is a stunning creature. Introduced just a few years ago, the herd is viewed best in the early morning and cool evening hours. Found along the Boxley and Ponca Valley areas, the elk can be seen along the roadway in the picturesque valleys.

Driving Mecca

With so many picturesque mountain roads and incredible vistas it is easy to see how this area draws so many driving and riding enthusiasts. Regardless of which highway you choose, you are sure to be awed by this little slice of driving heaven. Steer down Hwy. 16 or Hwy. 7 to find yourself in the middle of everything that makes the Ozarks of Arkansas such a compelling place.

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Boardwalk Cafe- Jasper, AR

Billing itself as a fine organic dining destination, the Boardwalk Cafe is part of the Arkansas House resort in Jasper, AR. The buildings are a destination themselves, incorporating stone and materials from the local area. Sourcing local, organically grown food the Boardwalk Cafe offers a broad selection to please any palate.

Ozark Cafe- Jasper, AR

Listed as a top-50 foodie destination, Ozark Cafe provides a wide array of cafe and down-home style dining. Located on the square in historic Jasper, AR, the interior pays homage to the celebrated character’s of the now-defunct theme park Dogpatch USA. From delicious breakfast omelettes, tasty burgers, or filling dinners, there will be food to please any diner.

Low Gap Cafe- Low Gap, AR

Located right on the top of the ridge above the Buffalo River in Low Gap, AR, Low Gap Cafe is sure to impress. Offering casual fine dining, Nick and Marie Bottini ensure that every meal exceeds expectations.

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